“Welcome in, omae. First time in Bug City? Yeah, the bugs are mostly gone now, but for some, the name stuck. Lookin’ to do some trade down in the Noose? Just watch your back, chummer.”

This Wiki is for a Shadowrun campaign based in Chicago. Those of you that are familiar with Shadowrun lore may know that Chicago is hit pretty hard in multiple ways as detailed in the Shadowrun timeline, including a terrorist attack that destroys a section of downtown, a plague of bug spirits that earn Chicago the name “Bug City” and get it quarantined, and a nuclear detonation to top it off. I’ve extended the timeline a bit and added some events that bring us from the 2070’s to where my campaign is set, the 2090’s. The added years and changes to the city in that time period make Chicago more playable and interesting. Check out the Chicago Timeline to see how.

At present, there is a group that meets roughly once a month at my place, and an online group that plays over Skype which is currently on hiatus. The current date in-game is the spring of 2092.

Fate of Bug City

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