Chicago Timeline

2039 – On the “Night of Rage”, a hate group called Alamos 20,000 blows the supports of the Willis Tower, resulting in the destruction of the tower and the surrounding downtown area. The area becomes known as the Shattergraves, an underground haven plagued with ghosts and hungry ghouls.

2055 – The Universal Brotherhood is unmasked as an insect spirit cult. When a huge hive is unleashed in Chicago, the UCAS government establishes the Chicago Containment Zone, trapping over 100,000 citizens inside. In the Fall, a Knight Errant Firewatch team detonates a subtactical thermonuclear warhead inside the core hive (the Cermak Blast).

2058 – Ares Macrotechnology releases its dual-natured FAB III astral bacteria into the Zone. The Zone is later declared free of bugs, but the FAB III strain remains active, feeding on magical auras.

2076 – The first elf President of the UCAS is elected, after running on the slogan “To Renew, Rebuild, and Regrow the Nation.” Part of the platform involves a dedication to improving the most troubled areas of the UCAS, including Chicago.

2077 – The 100-year anniversary of the release of the original Star Wars film is celebrated, and all 12 films of the saga are released simultaneously in both traditional and simsense format. A young man named Brian Davenport in the suburbs of Chicago finds inspiration in the films and unlocks his Awakened potential, becoming the world’s first Jedi Adept. He gains local attention by using his gifts to fight down the local population of devil rats.

2078 – Having adopted the name “Matka Kordai”, the Jedi Adept enters the Downtown area and explores one of the old subway tunnels. In dramatic fashion, he not only survives the experience, but defeats the insect spirits within. His personal recording becomes a sensation on MatrixTube, and Awakened from around the world begin to seek Kordai out for training.

2079 – Inspired by the new Jedi Order’s successes in battling insect spirits and the development of Glow Ivy, which has the power to repair astral space, the President rolls out his Bring Back Chicago initiative, inspired by the Bring Back New Orleans Act of 2014. The megacorps support the effort, seeing a chance to profit on the extremely cheap land they purchased long ago. Military, security and Jedi forces ally themselves as the Bug Wars begin.

2080 – Following the cleansing of the Spire and the victory at Harrow’s Hive, the Bug Wars end with the Battle of the Cermak Crater, though many lives are lost. The crater is capped with a warded lead seal.

2081 – Major reconstruction begins. Projects include a new Magnificent Mile (the “Miracle Mile”), new “skyway” expressways and a new elevated monorail system. Megacorporations move forward with plans for new facilities near the Miracle Mile.

2083 – Kordai and his young apprentice encounter the Foul One in the Calumet swamp. They slay the Foul One, but at the cost of Kordai’s life. His apprentice, “Qui-Gon” Jennifer O’hara, eventually becomes the new leader of the Order of Jedi Adepts.

2086 – Jim Dorgan is elected mayor of the new Chicago city government, the first mayor of the city in 25 years. He attempts to expand his influence, but much of the city remains feral or lawless, including the Black Market Zone, where business is thriving near the old Shattergraves site.

2087 – The new Jedi Temple is completed in an area in Hyde Park called Promontory Point, on the shore of Lake Michigan. The surrounding area continues to be a popular residential spot for the wealthy and powerful.

Chicago Timeline

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